Instructions for cleaning boiler glass gauge

boiler glass
The boiler glass becomes foggy after a period of use

The glass is an important part that helps the operator observe and control the water level in the boiler, ensuring furnace safety and performance. After a long period of operation, the glass can become dirty due to residue in the water, reducing visibility and affecting boiler performance. Therefore, cleaning the glass is a job that cannot be ignored. Today, we will learn together about the operating principles and how to clean the boiler glass.

Operating principle of boiler glass

Operating principle boiler glass gauge

Glass works based on the principle of pressure balance. It is installed parallel to the boiler and connects to both the upper and lower parts of the boiler through valves. When the water level in the boiler changes, the water level in the glass will also change accordingly, so the operator can observe the current water level.

A special feature of the glass is the ability to withstand heat and high pressure, due to having to work in an environment with great pressure and temperature from steam. The material used to make glass is usually tempered glass or polycarbonate to ensure safety and durability.

Instructions for cleaning boiler glass

When residue accumulates on the boiler glass, reducing visibility, that is when the glass needs to be cleaned. Here are the steps to clean the glass.

1. Clean the water surface of the glass

  • Close the steam valve and water valve, open the bottom drain valve of the glass, the water in the glass will escape.
  • Now open the water valve and see if water flows out of the blowdown valve. This indicates the blowdown line is clear.
  • Now close the blowdown valve and keep the water valve open and see if the water level increases in the glass. This shows that the path to the glass is also clear.
  • Repeat these steps 2 to 3 times to remove the residue accumulated inside

2. Clean the steam side of the glass

  • Close the steam valve and water valve
  • Now open the steam valve and blowdown valve and see steam escaping . The valve should only be opened for 1-2 seconds because steam can damage the valve seal and reduce its life.

3. Place the glass in its normal operating position

  • Close all steam valves, water valves and blowdown valves.
  • Now open the water valves Let the water fill inside the glass.
  • Now open the steam valve, the water pressure will be balanced, and the glass water level will accurately indicate the water level in the furnace body

Hopefully with the above information, you will have more knowledge to operate and maintain your boiler safely and effectively. Wishing you success!

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