NAAN - Pioneering Net-Zero Path for Boilers

NAAN - Pioneering Net-Zero Path for Boilers

Naan Company has officially announced achieving the Net-Zero goal for boilers, a significant step in the company's green and sustainable journey. Among them, the HHP boilers in Hai Phong and Phu Yen are outstanding examples, promising to meet the Net-Zero standard by 2035. This is not only an important achievement for Naan but also a positive contribution to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Honored as one of the Top 3 outstanding ESG initiatives at the "Pioneering Entrepreneurial Spirit, Building Sustainable Vietnam" Forum, Naan is truly an inspiration for the Vietnamese business community. The ESG Vietnam 2023 initiative, led by the Ministry of Planning and USAID, has honored Naan as one of the businesses actively contributing to sustainable economic development.

ESG Journey - Companion, Family, Success

In the face of challenges such as climate change, pandemics, and increasing demands for sustainability, Naan is not only an innovative technical enterprise but also a sincere companion to partners and the community. We take pride in introducing initiatives and sustainable business model strategies, setting a new standard for private enterprises in Vietnam.

Naan's leadership shares joy as work relationships turn into family

Naan's leadership shares the joy as work relationships turn into family and commits to continue investing in and developing this relationship. Partners, from those working beyond 8 hours, even to the ESG core team, are "volunteers" who sacrifice to ensure Naan is part of the Net-Zero 2035 journey.

Top 3 ESG - Future Vision

Naan is one of the Top 3 outstanding companies at the ESG Vietnam 2023 Forum

With Naan's advice and help, HHP achieved the Top 3 best enterprises at the Vietnam ESG Forum 2023, demonstrating our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria. We not only receive awards but also receive technical support and in-depth advice worth up to 2 billion VND to implement and expand sustainable business initiatives.

Naan representatives have been involved in preparations since November 2022, and with training and in-depth advice from the Private Sector Competitiveness Enhancement Project in Vietnam (IPSC), we have enhanced our understanding of ESG and circular economy. This is an important part of our sustainable development strategy, promising significant contributions to both the business and the community.


Sustainable Future - Common Goal

Naan commits to continue innovating business production models, restructuring the business, and ensuring strong connections to enhance the position of Vietnamese products in the international market. The Ministry of Planning and Investment has leveraged the breakthroughs and innovations of the business community to promote sustainable business models, and Naan will be a key driver bringing the private economy of Vietnam to new heights.

We believe the Net-Zero 2035 goal is not only Naan's but also the entire Vietnamese private business family's

We believe the Net-Zero 2035 goal is not only Naan's but also the entire Vietnamese private business family's. Let's together aim for a green, sustainable, and prosperous future. Naan sincerely thanks the "family" for their companionship and trust in this journey.