Rubber Industry and the Journey to Net Zero Goal

On December 15, 2023, the Vietnam Rubber Association (VRA) successfully organized a series of events as part of the International Rubber Industry Conference and the Vietnam Rubber Business Conference 2023 held in Vung Tau City. Over 800 representatives from domestic and international rubber industry enterprises participated.

As an active member of VRA, representatives of Naan Group's leadership attended and participated in various events.

Naan leadership participating in the event series

Annual Event Series Focused on Unity

VRA started its activities at the end of 2004, representing companies, organizations, and citizens of Vietnam operating in or related to the rubber industry. To date, VRA has 115 members operating in various fields of the Vietnamese rubber industry, including natural rubber, rubber products, rubber wood, etc.

Every year, VRA consistently organizes domestic and international programs and events to build and develop the rubber industry brand, contributing to the sustainable development of the Vietnamese rubber industry. This event attracts not only members but also the interest of many companies and organizations in Japan and abroad. In particular, annual themed conferences or annual conferences represent significant events that members, organizations, and companies are particularly interested in.

This year, the event series will be organized with three main activities:

  • Conference on "Sustainable Rubber Industry: Adaptation Transformation."
  • Rubber industry product exhibition booths.
  • Vietnam Rubber Business Conference 2023.

The event has the participation of over 800 members, companies, ministers, and industry leaders from the rubber industry in both domestic and international contexts. As the scale continues to grow, the event creates opportunities for connection and exchange among units operating in the rubber industry, as well as sharing experiences and development directions to cope with the rubber market situation in the coming period.

International Rubber Industry Conference and Vietnam Rubber Entrepreneurs Meeting 2023 Scene

The Rubber Industry and the Journey to Net Zero

The rubber industry, despite playing a crucial role in the global economy, faces significant challenges in achieving the "net zero" goal - balancing greenhouse gas emissions and absorption. Here is an overview of how the rubber industry can contribute and adapt to achieve this goal.

  • Greenhouse Gas from Production: The rubber production process is often associated with greenhouse gas emissions, especially methane from latex processing. Companies in the industry need to focus on improving production efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Deforestation and Land Use: Clearing forests for rubber trees has contributed to biodiversity loss and reduced CO2 absorption. Sustainable strategies should focus on reducing deforestation and responsibly using land.

  • Recycling and Reuse: Companies can reduce waste and resource consumption by promoting the recycling and reuse of rubber. This not only helps protect the environment but also reduces pressure on the supply of new rubber.

  • Renewable Energy: Switching to renewable energy sources in the production process can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the rubber industry. Investing in clean energy sources is a crucial step towards the net zero goal.

  • Improving Energy Efficiency: Applying advanced technology to improve energy efficiency in the production process is the key to reducing energy consumption and emissions.

  • Using Sustainable Chemicals: Choosing and using sustainable chemicals can reduce negative impacts on the environment while maintaining product quality.

Together aiming for net zero by 2050


The rubber industry is not only an important component of the global economy but can also positively contribute to the net zero goal through sustainable measures and process improvements. Only when both the industry and consumers cooperate can we achieve a balance between economic development and environmental protection.