The unit implements the energy management system (EnMS) according to ISO 50001

1. Energy management system (EnMS) according to ISO 50001

Naan energy management system ISO 50001
Naan - Energy management system (EnMS) implementation unit according to iso 50001

ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) is an international standard for establishing, maintaining and continually improving an organization's energy management system. The goal of this standard is to help organizations save energy, reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and competitiveness, and contribute to environmental protection and response to climate change.

Energy management system (EnMS) ISO 50001 includes the following elements:

  • Energy policy: Is a statement of commitment of the board Leadership in efficient energy use and continuous improvement of energy performance.
  • Energy goals, targets and plans: Are specific goals measurable and measurable energy savings, as well as action plans to achieve that goal.
  • Responsibility, authority and communication: Are clear identification of roles, responsibilities and authorities of individuals and departments involved in the energy management system, as well as effective communication of energy policies, goals and results within the organization organization.
  • Assess current energy status: Is the collection, analysis and evaluation of data on the organization's current energy use, to determine the major sources of energy consumption, energy saving opportunities and factors affecting energy performance.
  • Design, procurement and maintenance: Is the application of energy performance standards, requirements and criteria to an organization's design, procurement and maintenance activities, to ensure that equipment, services and products are relevant to energy use is selected and maintained appropriately.
  • Measurement, monitoring and analysis: Is the establishment and maintenance of measurement systems , monitor and analyze data on an organization's energy use, to track energy performance, identify deviations, detect opportunities for improvement and evaluate the effectiveness of energy saving measures
  • Checking and improving: The practice of carrying out periodic checks and continuously improving the energy management system, to ensure that it remains suitable suitable, appropriate and effective for the organization's requirements and goals.

So why should you deploy the EnMS ISO 50001 energy management system for your home? your machine? These are the benefits you can get:

  • Energy and cost savings: You can reduce your factory's energy consumption, thereby reducing production costs, increasing profits and improving resource use efficiency.
  • Increased competition: You can improve product quality, services and production processes, thereby increasing competitiveness in the market and meeting customer needs.
  • Contribute to environmental protection: Do you have can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thereby contributing to environmental protection and responding to climate change.
  • Improve reputation and image: You can demonstrate your commitment and responsibility to sustainable energy use, thereby enhancing your organization's reputation and image before stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, investors. private sector, government agencies and the community.
To implement the EnMS ISO 50001 energy management system effectively and sustainably, you need the support of a Professional and reputable. That is Naan - the leading implementer of the EnMS ISO 50001 energy management system in Vietnam.

2. How can Naan help you in implementing an energy management system (EnMS) according to ISO 50001?

Naan experts in Expert training program on Energy Management System according to ISO 50001 standards

Naan is a company specializing in providing energy solutions for businesses and organizations. Naan has a team of experts trained to be ISO 50001 experts sponsored by the EU and Unido alliance, with experience and reputation in consulting, designing, implementing and maintaining the EnMS energy management system. ISO 50001 for factories. Naan not only provides effective energy solutions, but also brings you other benefits such as:

  • Reducing risks and increasing the ability to respond to fluctuations in energy energy market
  • Take advantageopportunities for cooperation and support from international partners such as the EU and UNIDO
  • Improve the image and reputation of the business before relevant parties, such as customers, suppliers, and suppliers. investments, government agencies and communities
  • Contribute to the sustainable development goals of the country and the world

With Naan, you will Enjoy high quality, professional and dedicated services, from consulting, design, implementation, to testing, evaluating and improving the EnMS ISO 50001 energy management system. Naan will always accompany you. with you throughout the system implementation and maintenance process, to ensure that you achieve your desired energy goals.

Naan - EnMS ISO energy management system implementer Top 50001 in Vietnam.