NAAN JSC. invests in building a system of industrial boilers, thermal oil heaters according to the capacity of each factory. Services include providing fuels, well-trained mechanists and excavators, operating the boiler system to produce thermal steam for Customers' plant.

Depending on the environmental policy and energy costs of each company, NAAN can introduce and advise different types of combustion fuels such as biomass renewable fuels (rice husk, firewood hash, sawdust)

NAAN always prioritizes the selection of the most suitable boiler system to ensure a stable supply of steam and thermal for the plant to operate and to meet safety and environmental standards, always innovate and apply advances in combustion technology, electrical and pressure equi[ments to create the highest efficiency in order to minimize fuel consumption and electricity, contributing to optimizing steam and thermal costs to the lowest.

NAAN at the same time applies modern innovative technologies, 24/24 management system, supervised by a team of experts and experienced engineers, verified over many years at operating projects.


  • Invest in installing the boiler system, completing the registration procedures for environmental sanitation
  • Ensure skilled operators with high professional capacity
  • Actively zone fuels for biomass supply
  • Actively adjust boiler capacity to modify steam load in line with the plants' need
  • Ensure steam quality, stability for production - operation
  • Committed to emissions quality and responsible for environmental hygiene standards
  • Actively repair, warrant - maintain equipment
  • Ensure safety for people and equipment during operation
  • In addition, Customer does not have to pay any additional costs


  • Your company do not have to invest capital and at the same time save steam production costs from 15% to 50%
  • No need to hire and pay salaries for boiler operators
  • No need to find and buy fuels
  • No need to worry about procedures and work with environmental management agencies
  • No need to pay for boiler repair and maintenance costs
  • No need to worry about the loss when operating, but only pay the correct index/ steam rate on actual use
  • In case the demand for use is slightly increased due to the factory expansion, the Customer only needs to send a request to TPEG without having to spend the cost of building a new system upgrade
  • Actively stop the contract when the demand for steam supply is exhausted or when the Customer wants to self-invest in building and managing the boiler system on their own.

      As a boiler manufacturer proactively in technology, NAAN understands the advantages and disadvantages of each type of boiler as well as the demand for steam in different fields. Thereby, our company is ready to advise and support Customers with the most effective and economical solutions in boiler installation and at the same time fully meet the technical and environmentally friendly requirements.