A new solution for carbon-free thermal energy: 1414 Degrees fused silica technology leads the future industrial revolution

The energy industry has been exploring new and innovative technologies to address the intermittency of renewable energy while working to reduce carbon emissions in the industrial sector. Recently, Australia's 1414 Degrees successfully introduced a groundbreaking technology involving molten silicon salt, which is a game-changer in the field of energy storage.

1414 Degrees' molten silica technology leads the industrial revolution of the future

1414 Degrees' Molten Silicon Salt Technology, Australia

Energy storage has always been a crucial challenge in renewable energy development. With the rapid growth of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, the supply of electricity has become more erratic due to daytime variations and weather conditions. This raises the question: how to store excess electricity when energy is abundant and release it when needed? 1414 Degrees' molten silica salt technology may offer an innovative solution.

Building a Green Energy Storage Solution

The core of this technology is utilizing the high latent heat properties of silicon. Silicon is a special material with a high latent heat value, meaning a relatively large amount of heat is either absorbed or released during phase change. 1414 Degrees applies this property to their SiBox technology by converting electrical energy into heat and storing it in molten silicon salt.

This energy storage system comprises heating elements and silicon bricks, placed in thermally insulated energy storage facilities and integrated with an energy recovery system. This system allows for utilizing the thermal energy in high-temperature industries, providing sustainable, carbon-free heat for industries requiring high-temperature energy.

Carbon-free solution for high-temperature industries

Carbon-Free Solution for High-Temperature Industries

Traditional high-temperature industries such as cement, bauxite, and steel have high demands for high-temperature heat, and they often use traditional fossil fuels, leading to significant carbon emissions. The advent of SiBox technology could offer a new path for these industries.

1414 Degrees' SiBox technology provides reliable high-temperature heat above 800°C, not only meeting the needs of high-temperature industries but also helping them achieve carbon-neutral emissions and promoting sustainable development in the industrial sector.

A Significant Step Towards Commercial Scalability

1414 Degrees has successfully confirmed the viability of their SiBox technology with a demonstration setup. In the experiment, the SiBox energy storage system underwent 32 phase-change cycles, operated successfully over a temperature range from 700°C to 850°C, and continuously produced thermal energy for 6 to 12 hours. This successful test verification has laid a solid foundation for the commercial scaling of the technology. The company plans to design a commercial-scale SiBox up to 100 MWh using performance data from the demonstration unit within the next 12 months.

The company plans to design a commercial-scale SiBox up to 100 MWh using performance data from the demonstration unit within the next 12 months.


1414 Degrees' molten silicon technology brings a new promise to the energy storage field. By harnessing the high latent heat properties of silicon, they have created a green energy storage solution that provides carbon-free thermal solutions for high-temperature industries. Through successful test verification, this technology is advancing towards commercial scalability and is expected to have a profound impact on the energy and industrial sectors in the future. We look forward to seeing this technology drive sustainability and create a cleaner, more sustainable energy environment for our future.